Talc Powder Machinery Production

With the development of talcum powder processing industry, to ultra-fine grinding technology put forward higher requirements, domestic ultra-fine grinding equipment also continued to progress, to meet the development needs of the powder industry. This paper mainly describes the knot on talcum powder ultrafine grinding technology and equipment. Lift the talc powder machinery production, does anyone know it can be used to process some cosmetics? Talc containing a large amount of silicon element, with barrier infrared role in enhancing the sun protection and anti-infrared properties of cosmetics. See here, Amy must have a lot of people can not help but have a lot of goodwill on the talc.

Talc is a common silicate minerals, usually in blocks, leaf-shaped, fibrous or radial, color is white, gray. Talc use a lot, such as refractory materials, medicine, paper, rubber filler, pesticides absorbers, leather coatings, cosmetic and sculpture materials, etc., as a reinforcing filler modified to increase the stability of the product line like, increase the intensity, color degree of granularity. Talc is also an important ceramic materials, it is used in ceramic glazes and blanks. High temperature does not change color, after calcination whiteness enhancement, density, gloss, smooth surface. Currently on the market to thousands of 325-mesh talc general purpose fine talcum powder has different needs, low-purity talc used for medium and small paper mills, high purity talc is used in paints, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other relatively high-end industry production. In general, the degree of fine talc is talc powder machinery production process by the impact.

  • Talc Powder Machinery Production
  • Talc Powder Machinery Production

Talc Production Process

On the talc powder machinery production process, to sum it up, talc production is mainly beneficiation, crushing and milling of three steps, different steps required talc processing equipment is different. After a series of processing, it can be ground into fine powder of talc, i.e. talc. Most processing applications on the market talc 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 500 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh and other specifications, we can see, talc deep processing needs of different types of flour mills. 200 mesh and 325-mesh talc can be used Raymond mill and high pressure hanging roller mill for processing, 500 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh and 1250 Objective talc ultrafine mill can be used for production. Talcum powder production technology mainly refers to talc ground to certain fineness so as to achieve the purpose of medicine or industrial reproduction.

Full of grinding media within certain Talc powder machinery production simplified, gear drive agitator shaft rotating at a moderate speed, by optimizing the structure of the agitator ball forcibly driven media and materials do multidimensional cycle rotary motion in English. Material in the extrusion pressure grinding medium weight and pressure generated by the collision rotary agitator is effectively grinding by friction and impact. Pulp mill pumped through the feed inlet chamber, the finished pulp from the upper mesh sieve overflow into the slurry storage barrels. Method for stirring mill grading system ultra fine talcum powder production efficiency, product fineness can select the media, the material in the mixing mill residence time, as well as grading and wind speed adjustment to control. The system has good application prospects in other low hardness minerals processing. Our company can provide customers with high-quality talcum powder processing equipment and production technology, according to customer requirements, customized production, welcome to visit the company to buy.

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