Stone Crusher In Switzerland

Stone production line, the first step is supplied by a feeder to jaw crusher and impact crusher is immediately after the jaw crusher where the role of the bulk material is crushed into the crusher machine, the particles reach 20-60 between customer needs, the use of high-speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer on, into the crushing chamber materials for generating high-speed impact and crushing, and so the crushed material to a tangential direction threw the other end of the high-speed broken cavity back plate, to be broken again, and then from the back plate to plate hammer rebound, continue to repeat the process.

Whether in the sand production line, stone crushing production line, our aim is to ensure that the crusher, jaw crusher can normally continue to operate, in order to extend the life of the crusher, we must be on the crusher during use machine periodic maintenance and repair, which is indispensable step. Must stone crusher our plant all kinds of crusher equipment in the factory have done a long time idling in order to reduce the future course of failure, our customers in new machines put into operation, the production run is completed after class to conduct a comprehensive examination, each member stepped up, the belt drive is normal, wear liner has a comprehensive understanding of cyclical timing of checks in Switzerland.

  • Stone Crusher In Switzerland
  • Stone Crusher In Switzerland

Buy stone crusher same time, we have to understand what wearing parts, because the bulk material crushing process will wear liner, back plate, during the replacement procedure must follow the principle, after the first open shelves and shelves in the rear Remove the bolts box, and then use the wrench to the hex head portion of the clamshell device, and then slowly open shelves. In the meantime, you can use the rack above the hanging device racks hanging back. Repeat the process, that is, after closing the shelves. Counterattack broken boards hammer wear to a certain extent should be timely adjusted or replaced to avoid damage to other parts of the fastener, causing greater losses in Switzerland.

For cone crusher, many people are not familiar, it is a very practical broken equipment, a part of the stone crusher, crushing machinery as the most commonly used equipment, cone crusher industry, although a bit confusing, but its development the prospects are very broad. The huge advantage of cone crusher, can crush a variety of different hardness of ore, all components are wear protection, can reduce maintenance costs to a minimum, the general life can be increased by more than 30%.

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