Sandstone Quarrying And Processing

Sandstone quarrying and processing is a production of construction sand and stone dedicated production line equipment. Sandstone sand production line is defined according to the type of material, produced by the finished including stone and artificial sand, it is also known as sand sand production line; material storage to store the material, material storage, material handling an orderly manner, in order to achieve maintenance material quality effect. Artificial sand increased demand of the moment, sandstone sand making production line to become the most popular production line equipment.

Traditional sandstone quarrying and processing systems using a single stage hammer broken or ordinary impact crusher, hammer crusher, hammer wear extremely harsh, resulting in the entire production line of sand, gravel production line to costly production costs. The pursuit of lower production cost is the direction and gravel plant machinery manufacturing enterprises enterprises to work together, then how transformation of sandstone crushing system to reduce costs?

Our company produces sandstone quarrying and processing production line, sand rate, high production efficiency, large capacity, after the product was broken cubic shape, low flakiness content, without internal cracks, engage in high pressure. Reconstruction crusher rotor, increased life 100-200%. If there is a small investment budget, then transform the crusher rotor is the best choice. SBM reinforced rotor has currently the most advanced production technology, has accumulated more than ten years of experience in technology and the transformation of the rotor and the rotor overhaul, won praise, is the most trusted transformation rotor manufacturers. Jaw crusher small investment, but very good crushing efficiency, increase production lines and gravel in front of the jaw crusher will greatly enhance crushing efficiency twenty-three impact crusher, sand making machine and other equipment, while significantly reducing the resistance grinding wear parts.

  • Sandstone Quarrying And Processing
  • Sandstone Quarrying And Processing

Sandstone Quarrying And Processing Production Line Automation Strong

Sandstone quarrying and processing highly abrasive equivalent of stone production line and sand production line does not meet the size of the finished material is returned from the shaker Sand re-processing machine requirements. After crushing the sandstone into the shaker screening out two sandstone meet the Sand feed size of sand making sand into sandstone, and then into another part of the expected return to the small break. Into a part made of sandstone Sand sand, sand Jingxi machine (optional) finished products after washing sand, Sand again broken into another part of the final output in line with requirements of the various abrasive.

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