Graphite Beneficiation Plant Cost

Graphite Beneficiation Plant Process

Because graphite ore hardness is generally in hard or hard-soft, taste is generally between 2% to 10%, crushing process is relatively simple, three-stage often open, two open or a broken process. In weathered ore processing mainly small mines, but not crushed directly into milling. Flotation process is usually multistage grinding, multi-stage selection, in the order of mine (or centralized) return closed circuit. There are three forms of multi-stage process, namely concentrate regrinding, middling regrinding mill and tailings. Use of crystalline graphite concentrate regrinding process, under normal circumstances, graphite beneficiation plant cost recovery operations up to about 80%. Some mines have also tried middling regrinding process, but the effect is not obvious. Individual small plant there is also an open or semi-open circuit flotation process, due to excessive discarded tailings points. Recovery rates very low, generally only 40% to 50%.

Natural graphite has a unique structure and properties, it is almost no substitutes its own applications are increasingly widespread. Graphite products to carbon content is rated, with commodity-value products, graphite carbon content should be between 50% to 93%. Graphite graphite beneficiation plant cost processing is crucial. Natural crystalline graphite floatability better in China are basically using flotation beneficiation process. Due to the size of the flake graphite is one of the most important indicators of quality, so a multi-stage grinding on sorting method, several other election process as early as possible in order to elect a large flake graphite. Conventional flotation collector as kerosene, diesel and other foaming agent is oil II, IV oil, adjusting agent is lime, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate inhibitor.

  • Graphite Beneficiation Plant Cost
  • Graphite Beneficiation Plant Cost

Graphite Beneficiation Plant Production Line

Crystalline, amorphous graphite mineral processing equipment in general use more coarse crushing, medium crushing, grinding, flotation, dewatering and drying processes. Use of graphite beneficiation crushing jaw crusher. The use of hydraulic crushing cone crusher or hammer crusher. Graphite beneficiation plant cost using the lattice-type ball mill or other grinding equipment. Often flotation flotation machine, the product is often used sieve dehydration dehydration or dehydration and a variety of centrifugal filter. Multi-grade spiral classifier can effectively classifying graphite grading process. Drying the product is often used dryer.

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