Crusher For Manganese Ore

Jaw crusher, crusher for manganese ore, ball mill crushing mill equipment in the work process, which most easy to wear liner damage and affect the quality of the equipment, so that manufacture such equipment in the selection is very important in our country usually as high manganese steel liner manufacturing materials, let's look at the specific characteristics of the specific material. Features high-manganese steel: high manganese steel wear-resistant part, applies to withstand severe wear and strong impact during production parts. High manganese steel carbon content of 0.9 to 1.3% manganese content of 11.0 to 14.0%. For the vast majority of high manganese steel castings.

As a high-quality service crusher for manganese ore content service provider. We will, as that is to do the maintenance of the content of manganese crusher sales and service work. Due to the harsh environment of manganese ore crusher, plus work objects are relatively hard ore, so in the course there will inevitably be a variety of failures. So how do you reduce the daily emergence of manganese ore crusher problem? In fact, some failures can be reduced in order to reduce through routine maintenance and inspection. Overhaul content Crusher for manganese ore includes all repair work. In addition, the eccentric shaft replacement or turning and moving jaw crusher mandrel; alloy casting rod head portion; and the restoration of full replacement of worn parts and components; correcting the entire crusher for manganese ore and equipment for technical innovation.

  • Crusher For Manganese Ore
  • Crusher For Manganese Ore

High manganese steel water tough state, high toughness and lower hardness and strength. Obviously, the abrasion resistance material is then reduced. However, high manganese steel parts during use with strong impact and pressure deformed, gradually produce a strong work hardening, the higher the degree of deformation, the greater the hardness. This is the unique nature of high manganese steel, other steels is simply can not be compared. Due to the impact or pressure deformed and growth-promoting high wear resistance, which crusher for manganese ore characteristics very adapt working conditions.

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