Copper Ore Grinding Machine

Copper copper that can use natural mineral aggregates in general, is a collection of sulfide copper ore ships or copper oxide and other mineral composition, the reaction of the blue-green copper sulfate and sulfuric acid. Copper ore, copper ore is mined ore, after beneficiation can become a high-grade copper concentrate or copper is copper ore, copper concentrate smelting commission need to go through in order to become refined copper and copper products. Copper ore types: There are natural copper, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, azurite, copper, blue, malachite. Applications: copper ore is mainly used in metallurgical industry, metallurgical industry as a raw material. Traditional copper ore grinding machine rational allocation is very important, here today to tell you about the step broken copper beneficiation processes.

Beneficiation process of copper ore crushing step

One for the crushing process, the purpose of this step is to crush ore appropriate size suitable for grinding part of the main application crushing equipment with large crushing ratio of coarse crushing jaw crusher, secondary crushing equipment, if necessary, using (hammer crusher machine / back-breaking equipment); the other part is grinding, grind portion further processing ores to get a smaller size for the flotation separation of materials with the main application equipment copper ore grinding machine, grading machine; Third float sorting section, flotation / copper important upgrade process. Chemicals are added to the mixer / mixer, so that the chemical reaction apparatus of this process are mainly used magnetic separator, flotation machine, concentrator and dryer barrel.

  • Copper Ore Grinding Machine
  • Copper Ore Grinding Machine

Wherein the copper crushing process is important because "many break less grinding" put forward the theory, if the use of technology to get broken, can effectively reduce energy consumption, reduce costs. In the copper crushing stage, used crusher equipment jaw crusher, large jaw crusher equipment, cone crusher or hammer crusher, single-stage hammer crusher.

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