Blue Metal Quarry Crusher

Blue metal quarry crusher stone production line commonly used in crushing equipment jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher, their good run high-yield, efficient and safe production of the premise, now quarry crushing boot device, operation and shutdown do an overview.

Preparation before start

First, carefully check the blue metal quarry crusher of the main parts, such as jaw, bearings, connecting rod, the thrust plate, rod springs, pulleys and belts are in good condition; check fastening bolts and other connections loose, protective devices are complete . Second, check the auxiliary equipment such as feeders, belt conveyor, electrical, instrumentation and signal equipment Note is intact. Third, check whether the material in the crusher chamber, can only start if there are large pieces of material must be removed after the crusher chamber.

  • Blue Metal Quarry Crusher
  • Blue Metal Quarry Crusher

Blue Metal Quarry Crusher Operation

A, blue metal quarry crusher after the operation, feeding should be uniform, the crushing chamber materials stack height should not exceed 2/3 of the height of the crushing chamber, the stone material inlet diameter not exceeding 60%. Second, the crusher is running, to prevent metal objects (such as shovel teeth, track shoe, drill, etc.) into the crusher, in order to avoid damage to the machine. Third, when the electrical equipment automatically trip, if not identify the reasons for non-forcible consecutive starts. Fourth, crusher operation, such as machine sound is not normal is found, should immediately stop feeding, crushing chamber until all the material is discharged, and then stop the motor, the check processing after power off.

Blue Metal Quarry Crusher Downtime

When the blue metal quarry crusher downtime, production processes must stop order, stop the feeder, all the material to be crushed and then discharged to stop the crusher and conveyor system, crushing chamber material may not be stored, so as not to cause difficulties to the next start.

Blue metal quarry crusher most frequent repair project is to replace the thrust plate. For the whole link is broken confidential remove the thrust plate, you must first unscrew the baffle bolts, cutting dry oil lubricating oil tube, the thrust plate hanging on a crane lifting hook or other lifting device and then release spring horizontal rod end, pull the movable jaw fixed jaw direction, remove the thrust plate. If you want to remove the back pressure plate, then you should link with the front plate and moving jaw thrust to pull together, remove the thrust plate. After removing the thrust plate, cut dilute lubricating oil and cooling water pipe in the following link domestic support bracket, then remove the connecting rod cap before being lifted out of the crusher spindle rod should be removed along with the pulley and flywheel . The motor (with belt) as far as possible closer to the crusher along the rails, remove the V-belt. Then use a crane to lift the shaft. In order to detach the jaw must be cut off dry oil lubricating oil tube, remove the rod, remove the bearing cap, and then use a crane or other lifting equipment to pull the movable jaw.

Blue metal quarry crusher production line (crusher production line) equipment production buildings, roads, railways sand and stone of special stone equipment, successfully applied in limestone, basalt, granite, pebbles and other rock crushing process, product quality after crushing fully meet the standards, provides qualified for the aggregate high road, rail, water, concrete mixing stations and other industries.

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