Bentonite Powder Making Machine

Bentonite and bentonite rock, spot to take off, sometimes called white mud, is a very good performance, high economic value, has a wide range of application of clay resources. Bentonite is mainly composed of clay minerals montmorillonite. Quality pure bentonite is relatively rare, and most contain different amounts of impurities, such as quartz, feldspar, mica, zeolite, pyrite, etc. After processing of bentonite in the oil drilling industry, the petrochemical industry, casting and metallurgical industry, building materials, textile and paper industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, daily chemical, food processing, paint and ink, widely used in lubricant. The preparation of different USES of bentonite, need different bentonite powder making machine processing technology.

Bentonite Powder Making Machine Processing Technological Process

Bentonite ore after crushing, drying, milling and finished products. Chunks of bentonite by the vibrating feeder into bentonite powder making machine, coarse crushing material and then into the counterattack crusher for secondary crushing, after crushing materials by vibrating screen for screening, satisfies the requirement of grinding particle size of materials into the grinding mill, grinding after the classifier for classification, in line with the fineness of the bentonite powder by the pipe into the cyclone powder deposition apparatus, the separation collection, finished the discharging mouth into a powder capsule, substandard particles return to continue grinding mill.

  • Bentonite Powder Making Machine
  • Bentonite Powder Making Machine

The bentonite drying method has two kinds of direct and indirect dry dry. At present, the part of the bentonite powder making machine manufacturer direct drying method, it is using high temperature heat pipe air furnace to produce heat source - pure hot air to dehydration and drying of materials, the direct drying; Part of the indirect drying method is adopted. Drum drum dryer is a sign of more advanced indirect drying equipment in our country at present. Our company specializing in the production of bentonite powder making machine, all kinds of mineral processing equipment, building materials equipment, milling equipment, we provide good pre-sale and after-sale service, welcome to visit, order.

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