Artificial Marble Making Machine

Artificial marble making machine and vibrating crusher, suitable for soft or hard and extremely hard materials crushing, plastic, artificial marble making machine is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum every soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanisms, building sand, stone and a variety of metallurgical slag, the following will introduce you to the sand making machine.

Artificial Marble Making Machine maintenance matters needing attention

Artificial marble making machine is necessary for routine maintenance, must be regularly get enough let sand making machine downtime, and regularly observed inside the wear situation of artificial marble making machine, if there is any wear should be timely replacement or repair. Another note is in the process of the normal work of artificial marble making machine is can't open the observation, so as to avoid dangerous accidents. Sand making machine in to 400 hours of work time should be right amount add grease, to work to 2000 hours of time will open the spindle assembly was carried out on the bearing cleaning, if the work to the 7200 hours after the new bearing must be replaced. Drive triangle belt tensioning force size should be adjusted properly, to ensure that the triangle tape should be grouped selection, and its every length as consistent as possible. Two motor current difference should be adjusted and no more than 15 a. In the process of work, because of the artificial marble making machine belongs to high speed running equipment, special attention should be safe. The staff should be far away from the equipment, if need to computer repair, power must rear can operate.

  • Artificial Marble Making Machine
  • Artificial Marble Making Machine

Sometimes in the process of making sand sand opportunity often appear problem, the operator need to be aware of is the artificial marble making machine in operation method is correct, the system of sand production line must be to ensure that the correct sand production equipment to improve production and safety in production, our professional technicians for everybody below about the artificial marble making machine of correct operation and common troubleshooting methods.

The right operation method of artificial marble making machine

First check before starting the adjustable vortex chamber to observe whether the door shut; In order to prevent the material from the vortex chamber to observe rushed out of the door, produce risk. Check the impeller direction of rotation again, from the mouth direction. Impeller should roll counterclockwise, otherwise thought should adjust electric wiring; Necessary no-load startup system sand machine, sand DaiZhi machine working normally rear can feed, artificial marble making machine and conveyor equipment startup sequence is: to artificial marble making machine, feeding, nesting stop order in contrast to the boot sequence; Into the material particles defined requirements, in strict accordance with the defined than prohibited materials into the artificial marble making machine, avoid to cause jams impeller channel and the central into the feed tube, feeding to continuous average; Discharging equipment stop action, should be timely resting feeding; Sand making machine operation process, such as a violent vibration and abnormal noise, should immediately parking check; Sand making machine each work, add right amount of grease. Lubrication oil for dry lubrication way, adopting the mobil automotive embellish lipid super, addition amount of bearing cavity 1/2 - two-thirds, artificial marble making machine each work, add right amount of grease.

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