SCM Ultrafine Mill

SCM Ultrafine Mill

Summary of superfine powder preparation technology

Super fine powder technology is developed in the mid 80 s emerging discipline, superfine powder in almost all applications of the national economy industry, it is to improve the paint coating, information recording medium, fine ceramics, electronic technology, new materials and the basis for the development of emerging industries such as biotechnology, is the starting point of modern high technology. For superfine powder is a strict definition, from several nanometers to dozens of micron powders are collectively referred to as superfine powders. Industry due to the different USES and preparation methods of ultrafine powder, and made a different division of ultrafine powders.

SCM Ultrafine Mill is in Mill accumulated for many years production experience, on the basis of absorbing the advanced mechanical manufacturing technology, and after many years of experiment and improvement and development of a new type of ultra-fine powder processing equipment. SCM Ultrafine Mill is a crystallization of advanced technology, is at the head of the Mill the world trend of the latest products.

The method of the preparation of ultrafine powder

Due to SCM Ultrafine Mill body with the excellent properties and wide range of USES, so people to develop various kinds of preparation methods. Is currently in industry is widely applied mechanical FenSuiFa and liquid phase methods such as chemical precipitation method and gas phase reaction method. Chemical method has the advantage of the preparation of ultrafine powder particle size small, narrow particle size distribution, grain shape good, and higher purity, defect is low yield, high cost and complex process. The method is limited to the preparation of some special functional materials, such as ultrafine rutile type khin dioxide powder, ultrafine magnetic iron oxide powder, etc. Mechanical FenSuiFa has the advantage of high yield, low cost and simple process, etc., and produces in the process of crushing the mechanochemical effect makes the powder body were increased. The disadvantage is that the purity of the product, fineness and appearance are not as good as chemical preparation of ultrafine powders. The method adapted to large quantities of industrial production, such as deep processing of minerals, etc.

SCM Ultrafine Mill installation and maintenance

SCM Ultrafine Mill bearings for machine full load, so good lubrication for the bearing life has a great relationship, it directly affects the service life of machine and availability, and requirements into lubricating oil must be clean and seal must be good; The tire of the newly installed easily loose must often check; Pay attention to check easy wear parts wear degree, watch to replace worn or damaged parts; Put activity unit chassis plane, should be out dirt and other material to avoid activities when machine can't broken material bearing can't move on the chassis, so that a serious accident; Bearing oil temperature is high, should immediately stop check reason to eliminate; SCM Ultrafine Mill equipment rotary gear during operation if a rushing sound should immediately stop check, and eliminate.

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