PY Cone Crusher

PY Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is divided into: hydraulic cone crusher, crushing, composite cone crusher and spring cone horizontal hydraulic cone crusher. PY Cone Crusher is coarse in the production of mine broken and in breaking the ideal choice. To break medium and medium hardness of the above all kinds of ores and rocks. Cone crusher broken than large, high efficiency, low energy consumption, product granularity and is suitable for the broken and finely various kinds of minerals, rocks, etc. Cone crusher series crusher points broken cone crusher, cone crusher and finely cone crusher in three, may choose according to different user needs. PY Cone Crusher is used for crushing medium hardness above all kinds of ores and rocks, with reliable structure, high efficiency, easy to adjust, economic use, etc.

How to choose and buy PY Cone Crusher

PY Cone Crusher selection principle is to see into the material grain size, particle size and layout into LiaoDu big, the product particle size coarse, optional extra thick or coarse, medium and fine conversely. When calculating the into the grain-size, is to use the size of the side inlet into the size of material basis of multiplied by 0.85 as the average size of products is the largest in the material divided by the crushing ratio. When choosing lining board, the user generally must consider three factors: output, power consumption, liner wear resistance; Shall generally be in accordance with the following principles: the largest feed size; The change of particle size, feed particle size distribution; The hardness of materials; Material abrasion resistance. Lining the longer the higher power consumption, hard material choose short liner, soft material for a liner, on material distribution, fine material choose short liner, coarse material for lining board.

In feed particle size on the distribution of PY Cone Crusher is generally less than silent side discharging mouth materials should not exceed 10%, if more than 10%, the rise in power consumption, product granularity into flake. Viscous material of water cut increase in weight can affect material throughput, in terms of material moisture, generally less than 5%. On the use of power: standard cone crusher should reach 75% ~ 80%, short head cone crusher should reach 80% ~ 85%. PY Cone Crusher, because of its using conditions, dust, and some use of unit maintenance does not reach the designated position, often in all kinds of problems in the operation of the general Cone Crusher in the using the following problems should be paid attention to in operation, to ensure the machine run properly. Cone crusher in the workplace, feeding wants even, can't segregation. If uneven feed can appear lower production capacity, product size is too big, spring action is frequent, large bowl bearing pressure, power consumption rising. Should have iron removal unit, prevent iron crushing cavity, if frequent iron, may cause the broken shaft accidents.

The performance characteristics of PY Cone Crusher

High-performance crushing cavity type and the high broken frequency of perfect combination, make PY Cone Crusher handling capacity is greatly increased, and as a result of the principle of laminating crushing, crushing machine is cubic structure more, largely reduces the needle flake material. Cone crusher has simple structure, easy operation, maintenance, discharging mouth, convenient adjustment, maintenance time, especially the lining board is easy to change quickly, reduce downtime. In do not break the foreign body through the crushing chamber machine is overload or for some reason, the spring cone crusher insurance system implementation, cone crusher row ore. Foreign bodies from the discharge of cone crusher chamber, such as foreign body CARDS used in row ore mouth cavity system, make the row ore continues to increase, the foreign body eduction of cone crusher cavity. Under the action of Cone Crusher in the spring, row ore mouth automatic reset, PY Cone Crusher resume normal work. Its spring insurance system is the overload protection device, can make the foreign body iron through the crushing chamber without damage machine, using both dry oil or water seal form, make stone powder and lubricating isolation, ensure reliable work.

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