MTM Trapezium Mill

MTM Trapezium Mill

How is the MTM Trapezium Mill is running?

MTM Trapezium Mill through the blade rotation speed regulating motor drive wheel, the formation of the eddy current effect on FenZi gradation. The rotational speed of blade speed is adjusted according to the finished product FenZi granularities. When if you want to get more fine-grained FenZi, it is necessary to improve the speed of the blade, make the undesirable FenZi was thrown below, fell into the grinding chamber for coarse FenZi because of its own gravity resharpening, qualified finished product FenZi through leaves with airflow into the whirlwind powder containers, air separation and FenZi were after, FenZi is collected.

The shovel mill rollers and ring why change frequency is so high?

MTM Trapezium Mill equipment problems of wearing parts is most often the shovel, grinding roller and grinding ring parts, Mill had better wear resistance of the shovel structure good steel materials, ensure the shovel to achieve the longest service life. Because the shovel is scooping up materials with different quality, hardness of the material when long time contact friction, very susceptible to wear and tear, cause the working efficiency of the mill by a certain degree of influence. And the grinding roller and grinding ring part, material after being into between grinding roller and grinding ring roller for the extrusion of ring and rotating force, in turn, achieve meticulous crushing effect, so the grinding roller and grinding ring not only by the friction material, at the same time by the friction force between each other. When the grinding roller and grinding ring, severe wear or wear not average, will also affect material powder production, finished product fineness unevenness. SBM MTM Trapezium Mill accessories with high quality steel through different levels of the seamless welding and sandblasting processing, long service life, high wear resistance, choose the high quality highly effective MTM Trapezium Mill, we can provide the most professional advice.

What is the working process of the MTM Trapezium Mill host?

The working process of the MTM Trapezium Mill host is through the central axis rotation speed reducer drive, and were connected with the top of the shaft roller hanger, the rack is equipped with roller device and forms swinging pivot. Roller device not only around the center axis of rotation, but also that circle of ring, roller rotation itself because of the friction effect. Roller hanger with a shovel knife system, its position in the roller bottom, shovel knife with roller turn in the process of material into feeding between grinding roller and grinding ring, form the packing layer, the bedding layer hand outward centrifugal force produced by the rotation of roller compaction, the purpose of flour.

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